Disco Elysium Gets a New Hardcore Mode

Award-winning detective RPG Disco Elysium recently added a new hardcore mode, making it even more difficult to not become a human disaster.

Disco Elysium, which has won developer ZA/UM multiple accolades including ‘Fresh Indie Game’ at the 2019 Game Awards, just got more challenging. As an open-world RPG in which your character already has to battle addiction, corruption, and countless other personality flaws while trying to solve a murder investigation – I think the word ‘hardcore’ is a good descriptor.

The new hardcore mode increases the difficulty for every skill check, making stat-boosting substances like booze and cigarettes more tempting; it also gives you less money and increases item prices, and makes debuffs more debilitating. On the flip side, you will level up marginally faster, so that’s a small comfort.


The new update has also added widescreen support on Steam, where you can currently buy the game with a 20% discount, as well as the Disco Elysium – Soundtrack and Art Booklet DLC.