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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Loading Times Improved with Patch

Dragon Ball z Kakarot (1)

Bandai Namco has put out a new patch for its recently released action RPG Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, improving loading times as well as several mission glitches.

We liked Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot quite a lot over here at GameSpew, thanks to its accessibility to Dragon Ball newbies, solid combat and character development, as well as just how fun it is to fly through the air with the power of a Saiyan.

But patch 1.04 is now here, just to tighten up a few of those technical issues that can ruin a game if you happen to get one at a particularly bad spot. Not only will it decrease load times when travelling between areas, it also fixes several issues whereby players are unable to accept certain missions.

All of the following issues are now fixed:

  • Players unable to accept the “Telekinesis Training” mission if they saved and reloaded after fighting Tien.
  • The Main Story icon not displaying if players saved and loaded after completing “The Longest Three Hours”.
  • Chi-Chi not appearing in the field if the player had accepted the sub story “Goten’s Growth”.
  • Story-related characters not appearing if they had already been found in the field as a villainous enemy.
  • The opening movie not playing before the title screen (Xbox One only).

You can check out the full patch notes on the Bandai Namco Website.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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