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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intro Cinematic Leaked

The full opening cinematic for the Final Fantasy VII Remake leaked onto YouTube yesterday, hinting that a demo for the game may be around the corner.

The video was uploaded by YouTube user Lystrasza, and starts off with a very official-looking title screen for a Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo. There hasn’t been any sort of demo reveal from Sony or Square Enix yet, but this is pretty conclusive evidence that one will be heading to the PSN some time between now and the game’s release on March 3rd.

What follows is a near-identical shot-for-shot reproduction of the original intro cutscene from Final Fantasy VII, but with the benefit of 23 years of technological and graphical improvement, the results are honestly breathtaking. Anyone who played FF7 as a child is sure to get a heavy hit of nostalgia watching this. Check it out below:



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