Five Upcoming MMORPGs We’re Excited For

There’s a lot of exciting-looking massively multiplayer games coming out in the near future, so making an exhaustive list of them all is nearly impossible.

However, with the help of Eldorado GG we’ve picked out five of the best, covering a varied selection of MMORPGs that will hopefully cater to different gamer preferences. Be sure to keep your eyes out for these games releasing soon!



Planned release date: Early Access in 2020

Starbase is an upcoming sandbox Sci-Fi space-themed MMO by game developer Frozenbyte. The game will feature robots, spaceships, and colossal sized space stations. Originally planned to launch into early access in 2019, its release was delayed in November in order to give its developers more time to add new features and extra polish. It’s now got a planned release window of 2020.

While any delay is disappointing news for gamers excited to dive into the game, it’s probably a good thing in the long run. With new MMOs, first impressions are everything so it makes sense that Frozenbyte will want to delay Starbase‘s release until the game is in a more polished state. We’re looking forward to seeing it once it’s ready.


Last Oasis 

Planned release date: Early Access in Q1 2020

Last Oasis is an upcoming survival MMO with a “wood punk” theme. The game has a unique and innovative feel to it with some stunning art and original asset designs that set itself apart from your typical sci-fi MMO. The story takes place on Earth, but an Earth that has been struck by a giant planet that has stopped Earth’s rotation. This means there’s a very hot side of the planet as well as a bitingly cold side of the planet. The only hospitable zone is a small strip of land that shifts as the planet orbits the sun.

Last Oasis will have a heavy PvP focus where players will fight each other for resources or access to land in new areas. The game is being developed by Donkey Crew, who has been working on the game for several years. 


Life Beyond

Planned release date: Unknown (available in closed alpha)

Life Beyond, previously called Project C, is an alien MMO sandbox game created by game development company Darewise Entertainment. Life Beyond has been described as a combination of EVE Online, an immersive simulator, and a third-person action game.

Of course, no sci-fi game would be complete without a new world to explore, and in Life Beyond, this world is a planet called Corvus. Players get to develop their own societies in Corvus, impacting the game through individual and collective decision making. There’s no set release window for the game just yet, but if you’re interested you can sign up for the game’s closed alpha by joining the developers’ Discord server.


Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Planned release date: Unknown (available in pre-alpha)

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is a high fantasy MMORPG that takes place in the fictional world of Terminus, a land populated with heroes and deities. The game features nine playable races and 12 classes for players to choose from. The game has been described as “group-focused” and “social”, which suggests that Terminus is a dangerous place where player cooperation is a must!

In fact, in an interview back in 2016, Pantheon‘s late developer Brad McQuaid said: The main thing we want to bring back is a social game – a cooperative game, where players need each other [and] have time to make real friendships with each other.” Unfortunately, there’s no set release date for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, and the game has been in pre-alpha since December 2017. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for an update soon.



Planned release date: Unknown (currently in pre-alpha)

Crowfall has been dubbed a “Game of Thrones Simulator” – and although it won’t feature your favourite characters or places from Westeros and beyond, it’s easy to see the similarities. It is very Game of Thrones-esque with its five systems of worlds, each with its own set of rules and allegiances. It’s a sandbox throne war game where the entire world is destructible and players can become rulers.

The developers, who originally gained funding for the game on Kickstarter, haven’t announced an official release date and there have been a few delays along the way. However, it’s available to play right now in pre-alpha, and the developers are very actively working on the game, so a release date announcement shouldn’t be too far away.