Free Wargroove DLC “Double Trouble” is Coming Soon

Acclaimed turn-based tactics game Wargroove is getting a huge free DLC in February entitled Double Trouble, adding a new co-op campaign and more.

Developer Chucklefish is launching Wargroove: Double Trouble on February 6th for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC; with a PS4 release date being announced soon.

A completely free update, Double Trouble will expand upon the original game with an additional co-op enabled campaign, new commanders, public & private multiplayer lobbies, extensive editor tool updates and balance changes.

Though you can take on the new campaign solo, it was designed with a co-op focus, and can be played with friends either locally or online. Double Trouble also introduces new Outlaw Commanders – the mighty Wulfar, troublemaker twins Errol and Orla, and the malevolent Vesper.

Check out the new DLC launch trailer below for more details, or you can head over to the official Wargroove website.