Here’s Everything Coming to Season Pass 1 of Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Zombie Army 4

The fourth game in Rebellion’s Zombie Army series is hitting PCs and consoles next week. And along with a fairly sizeable campaign, it’s also going to have extra seasonal content.

Rebellion has just announced the content that’ll be part of Zombie Army 4: Dead War‘s Season 1. To play it, you’ll need to purchase Season Pass 1 – which suggests there’ll be multiple season passes for the game over time.

Season Pass 1 can be purchased separately or will be bundled as part of Zombie Army 4‘s Super Deluxe Edition. Both will grant access to all of Season 1’s additional content.


Season 1 will bring with it:

  • three new full campaign missions
  • four character packs (with characters that can be used in any mode)
  • nine weapon bundles (including new weapons, charms and skins)
  • four new character outfit bundles

Of course, the new missions are the main draw of Zombie Army 4‘s first season. The three missions will form their own story, and will introduce new locations and new types of enemies. New weapons are good, too, in case you grow tired of using the same shooty sticks to down those zombies.

Zombie Army 4 is out next Tuesday, 4th February. Look out for our review on Monday. In the meantime, give the Season Pass trailer a watch below.