How Long Does it Take to Beat Journey to the Savage Planet?

New first-person adventure game, Journey to the Savage Planet, is out now.

The first game from Typhoon Studios, Journey to the Savage Planet has you wandering around an unknown planet. Filled with weird and wonderful creatures, weird-looking plant life and signs of alien existence, your job is to explore and research the life forms on the planet. But how long does it take to complete?

While there’s an achievement/trophy in the game for completing it less than 4 hours, you should expect to spend a considerable amount longer with Journey to the Savage Planet. A fairly straightforward run, exploring most of the planet, will take somewhere between 8-10 hours.


If you want to complete everything in the game and find all the secrets, 15-20 hours is a conservative estimate.

While you can complete Journey to the Savage Planet quickly if you know what you’re doing, it’s not the best way to enjoy the game. Sure, you can simply move from one mission marker to another, but it’s a game about adventuring rather than ticking a task off a list. So take your time and enjoy everything the game has to throw at you.