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The Surge 2 Kraken

How to Access the Kraken DLC in The Surge 2

If you enjoy playing The Surge 2, you might have purchased its Kraken expansion DLC. But, you might also be wondering how you access it.

Woven into the game, you can’t simply access The Surge 2‘s Kraken expansion DLC from the main menu. Instead, you need to find the entry point within the game’s world. On top of that, you can only access it after you’ve made a decent amount of progress in the game.

To access the Kraken expansion DLC in The Surge 2, you must have first defeated Major General Ezra Shields and triggered the world changing event. At that point you’re about half way through the game. Then, proceed through the game until you’ve once again gained access to Port Nixon.

Upon entering Port Nixon with the criteria met and the Kraken expansion DLC installed, H.A.R.O.L.D. will inform you of a visitor. To then start the expansion, you need to find a small boat that will take you to the VBS Krakow.

To find the boat, from the entrance of the Port Nixon area, coming in from the Seaside Court, simply proceed until you reach a zipline at the start of the Port Nixon Throughway. Turn left and go down the stairs until you find the entrance to the Iron Comic Store, which you should have opened as a shortcut earlier.

The Surge 2 (2)

Enter the store and take the magnetic lift down, then head to your right. Ignore the path through the pipe on your right and instead run through the poisonous slurry on the floor to your left, heading for the beachy clearing.

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As you approach the clearing, you should see a boat in the near distance; head on over to it and climb in. Interacting with the boat’s controls will take you to the VBS Krakow, starting The Surge 2’s Kraken expansion DLC.

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