How to Equip/Assign Super Attacks in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot 6

As you make your way through Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, you’ll learn many new Super Attacks for your characters. You can’t use them, however, unless you assign them to your Super Attack Palette.

To assign Super Attacks to a character’s Super Attack Palette and effectively equip them, press start to bring up the main menu and then select Characters. On the next screen, choose the character which you wish to equip/assign Super Attacks to. It will bring up that character’s status information.

On the character status screen, go to the character’s Super Attack Palette by pressing the Square button on PS4 or the X button on Xbox One. On the Super Attack Palette screen, select a face button to assign a Super Attack to on the left hand side. Once you’ve selected a face button, you can then select a Super Attack to assign to it from the list of those available on the right. When selecting a Super Attack to assign, a description of it will be provided below when it’s highlighted, and how much Ki is required to perform the attack is also displayed.


You can also set which Super Attacks will be available when a character is set as a support character via the Super Attack Palette screen. Assign them to the slots at the bottom. Also, press the left or right shoulder button to go to the Know-How screen, where you can equip skills unlocked via the Super Attack Skill Tree. More Know-How slots are unlocked as you level up, allowing you to grow even more powerful.

Assign your best Super Attacks to your Super Attack Palette and you’ll find yourself having an easier time in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. And don’t forget about the Know-How skills. they provide some decent bonuses.