ITTA is a Pixel-Art Bullet Hell that’s Coming This Year

Arriving this year, ITTA is a boss-rush bullet hell game from solo developer Jacob Williams, with a haunting atmosphere and pixel-art graphics style.

Billed as “Hyper Light Drifter meets Cuphead“, ITTA follows the journey of a young girl, as she traverses a land of powerful beings with a ghostly cat and her father’s revolver.

Face challenging boss battles against the hulking golems, toothy monstrosities and creatures of shadow that lurk beneath the surface of this seemingly peaceful world. Blending top-down action and bullet-hell boss rush gameplay, ITTA also combines themes of despair with those of hope and beauty, to create a unique and atmospheric adventure.


ITTA will be coming to PC and Nintendo Switch later this year. Check out the new announcement trailer below to get a look at the art style and gameplay.