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Mighty Quest For Epic Loot: How to Complete Epic Pass Season 3 Week 2 Missions

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Wondering how to complete the missions in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot’s season three week two? Here’s everything you need to know.

Mobile game Mighty Quest packs in a lot of different challenges for players to complete. Some of the most lucrative of those are part of the Epic Pass.

Each week, new missions are posted, and they offer a lot of rewards to reap. However: the missions are often listed in the form of riddles, and not all of them are too obvious to complete.

Sadly, some of the missions are locked under a paywall: you’ll need to buy the epic pass to unlock them and reap all the rewards. But even if you’re just playing for free, there’s some loot to be earned.

Here’s each mission, and what you need to do to complete them. Don’t worry if you don’t complete them all before week two is over; they’ll remain accessible for the duration of Mighty Quest For Epic Loot’s Season three, which runs until early March.

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Any single blow from the Raider would take us down. Let’s test this “Zero Damage” approach in Castle 5-8.

This is a straightforward task, but it’s a little tricky: you need to complete Act 5, Level 8 without taking any damage. Sadly, using an auto-win ticket doesn’t count. The level is filled with green blobs with ranged attacks, so take it slowly and be sure to keep moving in order to avoid getting hit by a fireball.

Looting 30 Water gear items could help sending these Viking Ships home!

This is one that you’ll have to work on over time: you need to loot a total of 30 water-type pieces of equipment. Before you jump into a level, it’ll show you the types of items that are possible; you want to select levels with lots of potential blue items. Levels 3-4, 5-3, 6-5, 8-4 and 9-3 on Normal mode give nothing but blue items, so are great places to farm.

The Raider said “I will go where HARD skulls meet HARD feathers”. Where could that be?

‘Skulls’ refers to skeletons, and ‘feathers’ refers to chickens, so you need a level that contains both chickens and skeleton enemies. Act 1, Level 1 is that level. However, the ‘HARD’ means you need to complete the level on hard difficulty.

Trial of the Predator: Slay Charging Charles with just one blow.

Charging Charles is the boss of Act 4, so you’ll find him on level 4-10. You’ll need to kill him with just one blow, and using an auto-win doesn’t work. My hero with a might level of 960k wasn’t quite enough to kill him with one hit of my weapon on easy difficulty, but using my levelled-up Shockwave skill did it nicely.

These Rats seem to be all over the place since this northern stranger arrived. Let’s calm 500 of them down.

This is another task that you’re best working towards over time. You need to kill a total of 500 rats, which you’ll find in the form of the cloaked rat-wizard enemies. If you want to farm them, Act 7 is a good place to be. You’ll find around 50 in Level 7-6 and around 20 in Level 7-9.

Let’s hunt like the Raider would! Staff + Boar = Food!

You’ll find boars on Act 4, Level 9. Make sure you’ve got a staff equipped. To complete the quest and unlock the reward, you’ll need to kill a total of 40 boars with a staff.

In which Castle did you find your first Rune? Getting back there could give us clues about the Raider.

Runes are the mystical shapes you can equip to weapons and armour in order to make them more powerful. They’re available as rewards for completing castles, and the first castle that contains a rune is Act 2, Level 6. Complete that castle and you’ll unlock the quest’s reward – using an autowin ticket works, too.

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