New Titles are Coming to Xbox Game Pass This Month

Tekken 7 Geese Howard

Microsoft has revealed which games we’ll be getting and which games we’ll sadly be losing this January on Xbox Game Pass.

Those of us who have signed on to the brilliant Xbox Game Pass subscription service are always excited to hear about the ever-changing library of titles available for us to play. Three new games will be coming to Game Pass for console this January, with Frostpunk: Console Edition and Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet arriving on the 9th, then Tekken 7 joining later on the 16th.

Frostpunk will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC, which is still in beta, along with the fantastic sci-fi roguelike FTL: Faster Than Light.

Though of course, there is no light without darkness, there is no yang without the yin, we cannot keep getting new games on Game Pass without a few of them also disappearing. Sadly, LEGO City Undercover and Just Cause 3 will be leaving the service this month, which is a shame because they’re both great games. So unfortunately if you were interested in playing either of them, you might have to attempt a speedrun.