Rugby 20: How to Win the Ball in a Scrum

Follow this guide to make scrums in Rugby 20 a piece of plum cake.

Scrums are one of the most unique elements to rugby. This is reflected in Rugby 20 too, with a variety of button prompts, timing and precision needed in order to fully master them. Here’s everything you need to know about mastering scrums and ensure you can win the ball.

The aim of the scrum is simple: to win the ball from the opponent, or keep possession from the opponent. In Rugby 20, scrums follow two key stages, each unique and important.

Firstly, when the players are ready to enter the scrum, button prompts will appear on the screen with a line that flows into a marker. The aim is to hit the correct buttons when the line is about to enter the marker.

The first button prompt asks you to pull both analogue sticks back. The second requires you to push both shoulder buttons. Lastly, press forward with both analogue sticks when prompted. Doing all this successfully will give you a big advantage for the next stage.

A scrum in Rugby 20 has an orange and blue circle around it, and this indicates how well each team is doing. Completing the prompts ensures that the circle is more in your favour.

To succeed in the next part, you need to follow the circle moving at the top of the outline of the coloured circle, and then move your cursor into that circle. As the circle moves, you need to keep the cursor in that circle. Doing this will ensure you win possession of the ball.

Follow these steps to ensure that you are successful in the scrum, and dominate in Rugby 20. 

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