Sci-Fi Metroidvania MindSeize Lands on PC This Month

Link your mind to a machine – MindSeize is a story-driven sci-fi metroidvania game from Kamina Dimension, and it’s heading to Steam at the end of this month.

With gameplay inspired by Metroid Fusion and Mega Man X, MindSeize is a truly retro 2D action-adventure, complete with stylish pixel-art graphics and electronic soundtrack. The game is coming to PC via Steam on January 30th, and a Nintendo Switch release is also planned, with news of a launch date apparently coming soon.

Private investigator M.C. Fox is hot on the tail of ‘The Ascended’, a dangerous interplanetary crime organisation, but when he confronts the leader of the gang he is left crippled, and they manage to seize the mind of his daughter. Out of time and options, Fox must assemble a crew and link his mind to a robotic body known as a MAG (mind action gear), to chase down The Ascended and finish what he started.


MindSeize features a fast-paced and varied combat system, a multitude of hostile alien planets to explore, as well as an original sci-fi world and deep story. Upgrade your suit, weapons and abilities as you progress through the game, keeping things fresh and making sure you have every edge to cope with the frantic gameplay.

Check out the release date announcement trailer below, go to the official website for more info or head over to the game’s Steam Store page to grab it when it releases on January 30th.