This Month, Pretend to be Human in Speaking Simulator

Almost pass as human by imitating the complicated process of speech in Speaking Simulator, releasing late this month on PC and Switch.

Imagine you are an android hell-bent on world domination. You look human (…ish), you know how to rise through the ranks of power to become Earth’s new president, but you just can’t get the hang of all those lip-flapping, tongue-waggling WORDS that humans are spewing all the time.

You need practice.


Speaking Simulator is another one of those comedy games that combine a quirky scenario with an obnoxiously difficult control scheme to create hilarity (think Surgeon Simulator, Octodad, I Am Bread etc). You must manipulate your mechanical mouth correctly to fumble your way through various social situations, hopefully all eventually leading up to your victory speech as the newly-elected President of the World.

Speaking Simulator is releasing on January 30th for Nintendo Switch and PC. Check out the latest trailer below, or head over to the official Affable Games website for more information. You can also have a look at the Steam Store page for more details or to add the game to your wishlist.