Torchlight III Emerges From the Ashes of Torchlight Frontiers

Originally an MMO side-project, Torchlight Frontiers has returned to its dungeon crawler roots and launches this summer as the official Torchlight III.

That’s right, Torchlight Frontiers is dead, and is to be reworked into a true successor to the first two Torchlight games. This is sure to be welcome news to the players who fell in love with the hack-n-slash ARPG style of the series, but had no interest in an MMO spin-off. Tochlight III has already begun closed alpha testing, and we can expect a full release on Steam some time this summer.

“When we started developing Torchlight Frontiers, we were focused on creating a shared-world experience,” said Max Schaefer, CEO of Echtra Games. “During development, you often discover what type of product a game was meant to be and we found Torchlight Frontiers was meant to be a true successor to Torchlight I & II.”

Frontiers was originally planned to be a free-to-play experience, but in becoming a more traditional sequel it has also become a fully priced game. Many RPG fans, myself included, will be much happier with this approach if it means we get a more complete product that offers a crafted linear experience.

You can find out more about the new features coming to Torchlight III on the game’s official website, or you can check out the recent announcement trailer below.