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Viking RPG Valnir Rok Gets a Peaceful New Update

In Valnir Rok, A New God is Rising.

But put down those axes lads, it’s a God of love, not war! The viking-themed survival RPG Valnir Rok just got a big update, adding a new temple on a mountain in the centre of the island, where adventurers can find some sanctuary from all the world’s violence.

Nobody can attack or endanger you in the new area, and the monks at the temple will often feel generous and hand out gifts to weary travellers.

The new update also brings increased respawn points, recipe improvements, balancing adjustments and various other fixes to make sure that Valnir Rok now plays better than ever.

Valnir Rok is available on PC. Check out the official trailer below, or head over to the game’s website or Steam Store page for more information.

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