Where to Find Skavens in Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Wondering where to find skavens in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot? Here’s everything you need to know.

Occasionally in Mighty Quest, you’ll need to head towards a specific boss or enemy in order to complete a challenge. It isn’t always clear where that enemy is going to be.

Skavens have previously been referred to as rats in Mighty Quest, so don’t let that confuse you. There are two types of this enemy: one who wears a red cape, and another clad in brown you attempts to toss poison at you. Both types of rat/skaven count as the same enemy.


You’ll find them scattered on levels in Act 6 and 7, but Act 7, Level 3 has both types of skaven, and only skaven. So completing 7-3 will net you with around 70 skaven kills.

They’re not particularly tricky to defeat on normal difficulty if your hero is high enough level – just watch out for the poison attacks as these will cause damage over time. Utilising your skills will allow you to kill numerous skavens in one go, so that is often the most effective way of dispatching them.