Action Rogue-lite Curse of the Dead Gods Hits Early Access in March

Curse of the Dead Gods

Focus Home Interactive has announced that skillful rogue-lite Curse of the Dead Gods will hit Steam Early Access next month.

Your quest for divine power and unimaginable riches has led you here, to this cruel and dark temple, imbued with a curse ensuring that even death will provide no escape for you.

Releasing on March 3rd, Curse of the Dead Gods throws you up against deadly traps, vicious monsters and evil ancient deities, through a labyrinth of procedurally-generated dungeons. Discover a variety of weapons and mystical relics to help you along your way, as well as double-edged curses, which can provide great advantages but will also corrupt you in damagin ways.

The Early Access launch is just the start of a road map of updates, bringing new temples with unique enemies and traps, additional weapons and other items, as well as new game modes. “We want to get community feedback and opinions on what the best thing to do would be. It is also a modular and replayable game, which we think fits Early Access to a tee.” says developer Passtech Games, on the Curse of the Dead Gods Steam Store page. “We’re willing – and, indeed, excited – to adapt and change as the community finds what they love about our game.”

The Early Access version of the game is said to contain about a third of the final content, but Passtech is insistant that this initial segment offers enough variety and replayability to be worth your time.

Check out the new reveal trailer below, or head over to the game’s official website for more information.