Action-RPG Undungeon Gets a New Gameplay Trailer

Undungeon is an upcoming action-RPG with roguelike elements and an impressive pixel-art graphics style, and it just got a new gameplay trailer.

Developed by indie studio Laughing Machines and published by tinyBuild, Undungeon builds an absorbing space fantasy world in which several universes are crashing together.

You are a Herald, a creature from one of the many universes destroyed by the cataclysmic event known as the Shift. Fight your way across the procedurally generated map, passing through the boundaries between worlds, while talking and trading with the few inhabitants that remain.

Undungeon is presented in an isometric perspective, with richly detailed hand-drawn pixel art. Combat is tight and intense, with a wide range of buffs and modifiers to collect along your way, making sure it never gets repetitive.

The scheduled release for Undungeon is in quarter four of this year on PC, but if you happen to be heading to PAX East later this month, you can come and try out the game in booth #24027. Check out the new gameplay trailer below, or head over to the Steam Store page for more information.