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Bayonetta – Alfheim Location Guide

Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle 1 (1)

If you want to max out your health and magic in Bayonetta, you’re going to need to locate and beat Alfheim trials.

Only available on normal difficulty and above, Bayonetta‘s Alfheim trials test your abilities. Finding them is as much of a test itself, though.

Luckily for you, we’ve found them all and noted their locations down. So, if you’re hell-bent on finding and beating every single one of them, hopefully we can help. Find out in which chapter each Alfheim trial can be found below, as well as some advice as to how to emerge victorious. Good luck!

Alfheim 1

Location: Chapter I

After Verse 2 battle, go back to where you got the key to
open the door. You’ll find the first Alfheim there.

In Bayonetta‘s first Alfheim trial, you’ve got to kill all enemies within the time limit
but you can only damage them during Witch Time. On normal difficulty you can get hit up to five times before you fail. Simply bait enemies into attacking, dodge to activate Witch Time, and then attack with all that you’ve got. Saving your Torture attacks for the big enemies is a good idea, but this Alfheim really shouldn’t cause any problems.

Alfheim 2

Location: Chapter II

After Verse 4 battle, go back to where the crashed train came from. You’ll find that the gates that were previously closed are now open, giving you access to Alfheim 2.

The second Alfheim trial challenges you to beat a Beloved using a maximum of seven punches and six kicks. So, you’re going to want to make every punch and kick count. Hold down each button so you shoot at your opponent after every attack, and try to perform combos that include Wicked Weave attacks for maximum damage. This shouldn’t prove to be too hard.

Alfheim 3

Location: Chapter II

After Verse 4 battle yet again, look for a small bridge near the wrecked train, just before you enter the next town square. The third Alfheim trial is there, but you’ll need to use your wall jump ability to get to it.

Bayonetta‘s third Alfheim trial is pretty easy. All you need to do is defeat all the enemies within the time limit, but you’ll fail if you get hit three times. Just use your most damaging combos and make use of Witch Time. This trial shouldn’t cause you too much trouble at all.

Alfheim 4

Location: Chapter II

After Verse 7 battle, go back as far as you can to the start of the chapter. You’ll find the fourth Alfheim there.

In this trial, you have to kill all the enemies within the time limit while also
killing six enemies with Torture Combos. The main trouble here is killing all enemies before doing six Torture Combos. Use your Scarborough Fair guns to build up your magic, then let rip with those Torture Combo attacks, but make sure they kill enemies rather than just damage them. It’s a good idea to shoot at the bigger enemies to build up your magic, then use Torture Combos on smaller enemies to kill them.

Alfheim 5

Location: Chapter III

After Verse 1 battle, you’ll find Bayonetta‘s fifth Alfheim trial under a building near two benches. First go up the stairs behind you and destroy the rather innocent-looking trash can, then the Alfheim trial will appear.

For this trial you’ve got to stay in the air for 20 seconds. It’s easier than it sounds, because the enemies you’re up against congregate around you, allowing you to simply jump off of them again and again. If you want to make the trial even easier you can use the Sharuba and perform the aerial move that allows you to hover in the air for a short period of time. Returning when you have Crow Within also makes it a piece of cake.

Alfheim 6

Location: Chapter III

After Verse 4 battle, go to the place where the Witch Statue is. A road should be opened, but you want to go in the opposite direction, back to where you met the boss in Chapter II. Check the 2nd floor of the nearest building to find another Alfheim trial.

The sixth Alfheim trial requires you to kill all the angels, but you can only use Angel Arms. The good news is you have an endless supply of them. You can get hit three times before you fail, so just be careful. It’s a good idea to use the spear against most enemies,
and the bow against the stronger Beloved. However you approach it, though, it shouldn’t be too hard.

Alfheim 7

Location: Chapter III

After Verse 9 battle, go inside the portal to Paradiso. From there, just follow the path to the right until you find the Alfheim trial.

The seventh Alfheim trial disables one of Bayonetta‘s features, Witch Time, which you’d think would makes things a bit tricky. It doesn’t cause you too much trouble though, as the enemies you’re put up against aren’t all that strong. You can get hit up to five times before you fail, so just stay safe and pick enemies off when they’re not grouped together.

Alfheim 8

Location: Chapter III

During Chapter III, go back inside the cave after using the hourglass the restore the broken bridge to find the eighth Alfheim trial.

For this Alfheim trial, you need to kill all the enemies with Wicked Weave attacks. The trouble is, if you hit an enemy with a normal attack it’ll ping off them and leave you open, so you need to need to start your combos from a distance so that only the actual Wicked Weave attack hits them. Use easy Wicked Weave attacks, such as Triangle, Circle, Triangle/Y, B, Y with the Shuraba and you’ll have no trouble.

Alfheim 9

Location: Chapter V

After Verse 2 battle, go back to the start of the chapter to find another Alfheim trial.

This is another trial in which you can only damage your enemies during Witch Time. The only thing that makes it harder than the last is that you’re up against tougher foes. You know the score: bait your enemies into attacking, dodge, then lay on the hurt.
As always, it’s also a good idea to save your torture attacks for the bigger foes. You can get hit five times before you fail on normal, so this trial isn’t so hard really.

Alfheim 10

Location: Chapter V

After Verse 7 battle in you start going up Jormungandr’s Staff, go back down to the bottom. If the Alfheim portal isn’t there, you haven’t gone far enough up the staff yet.

This is tricky. Like before, this Alfheim trial requires you to stay in the air for a period of time. This time, however, it’s not 20 seconds but 60. As before, you need to make use of your ability to jump off of enemies – aim for the big dude for best results. Combine it with the Shuraba move that lets you hover in the air for a short period (hold Y on Xbox One, Triangle on PS4 while in the air), and things get a bit easier. If you’ve unlocked Crow Within that also comes in handy, but Kulshedra is by far the most useful tool here. Use its aerial move to bring enemies to you, giving you an easy victory.

Alfheim 11

Location: Chapter V

After Verse 9 battle, when you finally reach the top of the staff,
go down the rock snake instead of going up it to find the next Alfheim trial

Another trial that will feel a little familiar. In this Alfheim you’ll be fighting Glory and Grace, but there’s a strict time limit and you can only make use of ten punch attacks. For best results, equip the Shuraba and make use of its charged attack; it does a massive amount of damage. Just give yourself plenty of space to avoid attack, or make use of Witch Time, and this shouldn’t prove to be too hard.

Alfheim 12

Location: Chapter VI

After Verse 3 battle, backtrack to the place with the witch statue.
The Alfheim will be there.

Another recycled Alfheim trial but with stronger enemies. This time you need to kill enemies with Torture Combos again. As before, use Scarborough Fair to build up your magic before unleashing your Torture Combos. It’s a good idea to take out the weaker enemies with Torture Combos to quickly meet your target, then deal with the remaining enemies as you see fit. This is mainly about learning enemy attack patterns, as being hit will result in you losing the magic you need to perform Torture Combos.

Alfheim 13

Location: Chapter IX

After Verse 1 battle, go up the stairs. You’ll find a wall with a sun symbol on it which you can destroy. Behind the wall is the next Alfheim.

Up for something a bit different? In this trial you can only damage your enemies when you’re out of body. And how do you do that? Well, you press the X button on Xbox One, and the Square button on PS4. The problem is, while you’re out of your body it’s motionless and defenceless, so you need to protect it. Honestly, it’s not that hard really. Especially on normal difficulty. Just use the best moves that you’ve got and you should succeed.

Alfheim 14

Location: Chapter IX

After Verse 6 battle, you’ll notice a shiny platform behind one of the Kinships that you’ve defeated. Reach the platform using Crow Within and you can take on another Alfheim trial.

To complete this Alfheim trial, all you need to do is beat Jeanne. That’s not too bad, right? Things get trickier on hard difficulty, however, as there are two Jeannes to tackle. You’ve just got to do your best.

Alfheim 15

Location: Chapter IX

After Verse 10 battle, backtrack until you find an Alfheim portal. It’s a long way.

Here, you’ve got to fight two powerful opponents using just 13 punches and kicks. The charged Shuraba attack isn’t all that useful here as your opponents are fast. Perhaps equip Durga instead and make use of charged punches. Just make sure you avoid your enemies’ attacks, and make valuable use of Witch Time where possible. Good luck!

Alfheim 16

Location: Chapter X

After Verse 2 battle, rotate to the platform on the right to find an Alfheim portal.

This is another trial in which you can only damage your opponents with Wicked Weave attacks. Just give it all you’ve got and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Alfheim 17

Location: Chapter X

After Verse 8 battle, keep going until you find The Gates of Hell
portal. Once you’ve reached it, go all the way back through the spikes and vines until you find the Alfheim portal.

In this Alfheim trial, the only way to damage your opponents is to use Angel Arms again. Like last time, it’s all about choosing the best Angel Arms for the job. Use the spears to take out weaker enemies and bows to take down stronger enemies. You really shouldn’t have any trouble because Angel Arms are powerful. Also, make use of the weapons that are dropped by enemies to add insult to injury.

Alfheim 18

Location: Chapter XII

After Verse 2 battle, go all the way back to the starting point of Chapter XII using Crow Within. You will encounter Verse 3 battle, and when you’re victorious an Alfheim portal will appear.

Another out of body experience for Bayonetta. This one is made harder than the last because the majority of your enemies are on fire. That means you’ll need to dodge their attacks in order to activate Witch Time before you can damage them. The Manta Rays aren’t on fire though, so you can hit them whenever. Same as last time – just keep an eye on your defenceless body. If enemies get too close to it, pick it move and move it to a safer spot. Overall though, this shouldn’t prove to be too challenging.

Alfheim 19

Location: Chapter XII

After Verse 5 battle, jump into the plane’s propeller. A bunch of angels will appear and you need to dodge one of their attacks so you can slow down time and get through the propeller blades. The Alfheim portal is behind them, you see.

In this Alfheim trial you’re up against a Golem, and you can only damage its core during Witch Time. Just learn all the various forms that the Golem has, and how to dodge their attacks. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have no trouble entering Witch Time and pummelling that core.

Alfheim 20

Location: Chapter XV

After Verse 8 battle, go all the way back to the start of the chapter. Use your Crow or Panther Within to reach the portal.

Here we are: Bayonetta‘s penultimate Alfheim trial. In this one, Witch Time is disabled and your enemies are on fire. So, how are you supposed to beat them? By using Wicked Weave attacks, that’s how. Simply keep your distance and use all the Wicked Weave attacks you can muster. The biggest threat to your success here is the time limit, so stay safe but keep hitting those enemies.

Alfheim 21

Location: Epilogue

After Verse 4 battle, keep going until you reach Jubileus’ neck. At that point, turn around and go back until you find Bayonetta‘s final Alfheim portal.

This is it: Bayonetta‘s final Alfheim trial. It’s not very original – once again you need to defeat enemies just using Wicked Weave attacks. Playing as Jeanne, however, you’ll find that you don’t have access to Witch Time unless you use Bat Within. So, just keep your distance and unleash those Wicked Weaves. On normal this shouldn’t be too troublesome, but don’t be surprised to find yourself challenged on hard.

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