Curse of the Dead Gods Gets a Gameplay Overview Trailer

Curse of the Dead Gods

You think you’re ready to face the Temple? Get a breakdown of the mechanics, enemies, traps and curses you’ll need to conquer in Curse of the Dead Gods.

In this new trailer from Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games, we get a lot more deatil on what to expect from Curse of the Dead Gods, the upcoming rogue-lite due to release via Steam Early Access on March 3rd.

From varied weapon types and stamina management to corruption and curses, the hack ‘n’ slash gameplay has enough layers to let you carve your own playstyle, while also pushing you to adapt to new challanges and hazards.


Factors such as lit braziers and deadly spike traps can give you an environmental advantage against monsters, and the choice to sacrifice gold or blood at the Temple’s altars can reward you with great power, but can also come with a terrible price as your corruption slowly increases.

When you (inevitably) die, don’t give up! Unlock blessings to help you on your subsequent attempts, and get further and further into the Temple with each wildly different run.

Check out the gameplay overview trailer below, or head over to the game’s official website for more information.