Cyanide Reveals Rogue Lords, a Diabolical Turn-Based Roguelike

Rogue Lords Review Bloody Marie

The studio behind Call of Cthulu and Styx announces a new turn-based roguelike, Rogue Lords, in which the player takes the role of the Devil.

Coming this autumn to PC and consoles, Rogue Lords presents a grim 17th Century New England setting, one in which humans and creatures of hell live alongside one another. Players will begin the game as a Devil who has just faced a terrible defeat, and must claw back his power using a team of bona fide evildoers to spread his corruption through the world once more.

Explore a 3D map and find the most effective ways to sow choas throughout the land, through interactions with other characters. Also send your agents of darkness into tricky turn-based combat scenarios to overcome your enemies, but act wisely, because it’s game over if you lose. To avoid this, use the Devil’s powers of trickery to cheat the odds in your favour and turn situations on their head in exciting ways.

Rogue LordsĀ will be a joint development between Cyanide, a studio best known for Lovecraftian horror game Call of Cthulu and the Styx series; and Leikir Studio, the team behind Isbarah and Wondershot. “We are delighted to see the project become reality.” Said Cyanide’s Artistic Director Camille Lisoir. “We have fantastic synergy with the talented team at Leikir Studio and we can’t wait to reveal our diabolical world.”

Rogu Lords will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC this autumn.

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