Dangerous Driving Adjusts Difficulty with New Patch

Dangerous Driving 4

Dangerous Driving, the spiritual successor to the early Burnout games, just got a new update which adjusts difficulty and fixes various bugs.

While most of Three Fields Entertainment is showing off the recently-announced Dangerous Driving 2 at PAX East, there are still a few busy bees still working on a patch for the original game.

Dangerous Driving had a few issues at launch, which were pretty annoying even if they couldn’t completely ruin the fun of high-octane, destructive racing. The studio has been committed fixing these issues, however, with this new update making even more improvements.

Responding to community feedback, the Shakedown and Face Off events as well as the Formula DD Eliminator are all now slightly easier. Bugs related to direction arrows and pausing the game have also been fixed, and the HUD has been updated. Cloud saves are now also supported on PC, giving players that extra added security with their save files.

Three Fields has stated that they don’t have anny current plans for further Dangerous Driving updates, as the studio’s focus will now be on the upcoming sequel, but players are encouraged to report any issues they come across.

Dangerous Driving is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Head over to the official Three Fields Entertainment website for more information.