Darkly Comedic FPS Kur Announced for Later This Year


The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and Really Ragdoll Studios have announced Kur, a dark yet humorous retro shooter landing on PC in late 2020.

In this retro-inspired first person shooter, you are hired by an amoral corporation to stop their out-of-control and demented AI, by disposing of an army of robots wearing human flesh. But they might just be looking for hugs!

Featuring 30 hand-crafted levels with a retro sci-fi aesthetic and classic 90s humour, Kur equips you with a variety of destructive and bonkers weapons perfect for eviscerating mechanoids – such as Shrink Guns, Gatling Lasers and Time Pistols.


Kur is scheduled to release on PC via Steam in quarter four of this year. Check out the announcement trailer below, then head over to the game’s Steam Store page to add it to your wishlist, or just for more information.