Dead Cells: The Bad Seed DLC Launches Next Week

Dead Cells
Dead Cells

Highly acclaimed roguelike-metroidvania game Dead Cells brings out its new DLC The Bad Seed next week; adding new biomes, weapons, enemies and more.

Launching on all platforms from February 11th, The Bad Seed is the first ever paid expansion for Motion Twin’s popular action platformer Dead Cells, although the game has recieved several free updates since its release in 2017.

The DLC will offer new path choices early on in the game, meaning that everyone will be able to enjoy the new content, not just experienced and high-level players. The Arboretum is the first of two new biomes – a tropical area, home to deceptively adorable creatures that will not hesitate to tear you apart. When venturing into The Swamp on the other hand, you will need to watch out for giant purple tick monsters and tree-dwelling spear-wielding settlers.

A new armoury also awaits you in The Bad Seed, including the game’s first double slot weapon as well as a loyal mushroom companion.

Dead Cells is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Check out the new trailer for The Bad Seed below, or get more information over on the game’s official website.