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Five Things We’d Like From the Resident Evil 3 Remake

It’s only a few months until players will back in Raccoon City once again.

We just can’t wait to get our hands on the Resident Evil 3 remake. I mean, just look at the collector’s edition. Wowee! For anyone looking forward to jumping back into the shoes of Jill Valentine again, I’m sure the excitement is more than you can bear. Or is that just me?

We’ve put together a quick list of some things that we’d like to see in the upcoming Resident Evil 3. Cross your fingers that a few of these dreams come true.

More of Raccoon City

When I played through the Resident Evil 2 remake, I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t given more time to explore the newly-infected Raccoon City. Players spend most of their time in the police station or underground. Resident Evil 3 takes place mostly on the streets of Raccoon City, so it isn’t too much to ask for a bit more time on the outside. There’s something really terrifying about the idea of turning down any street and being faced with danger. Here’s hoping Resident Evil 3 gives us lots more stuff to be scared of on the streets of Raccoon City.

Lots of Costumes

Resident Evil 2 did have some really great costumes for Leon and Claire. They had their classic costumes from back in the day as well as cool new outfits – and we want more of these options in Resident Evil 3. It’d be great to see Jill in Ada’s red dress or Carlos in a funny outfit (or shirtless *cough, cough*). Doing certain challenges to unlock costumes would be really fun. Here’s hoping players can look forward to a few fancy fabrics in April when Resident Evil 3 releases.

Better difficulty customisation

resident evil 3

One of my biggest pet peeves when it came to Resident Evil 2 was the differing difficulties. If you wanted to play the game with aim assist you had to play on easy. But listen, I was terrible – I mean truly abysmal – at aiming without aim assist. So I really wanted to be able to play on normal or hard difficulty, just with an aim assist option. Additionally, you were only able to play with the ink ribbon saving system on the hardest difficulty.

Please Capcom, let us customise our experience a little better! With advanced difficulty customisation options, Resident Evil 3 could be catered better to the player.

More Add-on Content

resident evil 3

One of the other things that I both enjoyed and was disappointed by in Resident Evil 2 was its add-on content. I loved all of the characters’ outfits as well as the different unlockable weapons that were available for purchase, but I was incredibly disappointed by its playable content. Resident Evil 2‘s Ghost Survivors content included both the Raccoon City’s Mayor’s Daughter and the owner of the gun shop in town as playable survivors.

Sadly enough, the Ghost Survivor game mode was a lot like the Mercenaries minigame in previous Resident Evil instalments; you simply try to survive incoming enemies for as long as possible with limited supplies. Players were craving something story-based that described what happened to these characters before or after the game took place – and we were all pretty disappointed to find out that Ghost Survivors wasn’t what we thought it would be. More content to expand the story of Resident Evil and Raccoon City would always will be a plus, so I’m hoping to get something more like that in Resident Evil 3‘s add-on content – if there is any.

Easter Eggs

resident evil 3

Everyone loves a good video game Easter egg, and I am no exception. If the Resident Evil 3 remake is anything like I think it will be, there will lots of places where Capcom could sneak in a few Easter eggs for us Resident Evil superfans. I’m talking cool little references to previous games, characters, the outside world – heck, I’ll take anything!

If there isn’t at least one Jill sandwich in the game I’m going to be upset.

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