Ghosts’n DJs is a Fun Ghosts ‘n Goblins Clone, and it’s Free

Ghosts'n DJs (1)

Pretty much anyone can become a DJ these days if they have enough money. And they don’t even need to actually make the music themselves – they can pay someone else to do it, a ghost producer.

Dr. Kucho! doesn’t like hearing this fact, and so riled up, he heads out to put a stop to this heinous practice that’s ruining the music industry. He’ll take down the ghost producers empowering those with no musical ability, and also those who put out albums with no soul. They are Paris Sheraton, Paul Douchebag, Devil Goata, Steve Karaoki and Pete Bullshit. And they must pay.

Free to download on Steam, Ghosts’n DJs could be forgiven for being rubbish. But the truth is, it isn’t. It’s actually quite good. Taking control of Dr. Kucho!, you head out on your adventure into a seemingly apocalyptic world. You’ll quickly discover that the gameplay apes the classic Ghosts ‘n Goblins – and it does so rather well. The controls are responsive, mechanically it’s quite sound, and more importantly, it’s fun.


You can run, jump and throw cassettes, and that’s about it. But that’s all you need to make your way through the game’s varied environments. Some enemies pursue you on foot, others fly through the air; but throw a couple of cassettes in their face and they’ll eventually go down. You’ll find record cases strewn throughout levels, too. Break them open and you might find a food item that will restore your energy, an instrument that will award you points, or even items such as CDs or vinyl records that work much better as weapons.

While the action itself is humorous thanks to Ghosts’n DJs‘ character animations and overall premise, it’s between each level that the game really cranks up the comedy factor. These story scenes can be skipped on subsequent playthoughs so you can just concentrate on the action, but they’re certainly worth watching once. Though as there are only three stages, there aren’t that many of them.

In the long term, you’ll find yourself playing Ghosts’n DJs to try and make a mark on its leaderboard. There are four difficultly levels to overcome, too. And in addition to an orchestral soundtrack by Dr. Kucho! himself, there’s also an electronic soundtrack by deadmau5 to play along with. For the big ol’ price of free, it’s certainly worth a download.

If you do download Ghosts’n DJs and find yourself enjoying it, however, Dr. Kucho! does have one request: make a small donation to a children’s charity. There’s a helpful option on the game’s title screen that takes you to a page of four very worthy ones, and your donation really would make a difference.

Download Ghosts’n DJs for free on Steam.