How to Change the Difficulty Level in Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis 1 (1)

Essentially an action RPG, Darksiders Genesis can get quite hard if you haven’t developed your characters enough or in the right way.

At the start of Darksiders Genesis, there are four difficulty levels available: Casual, Normal, Hard and Mayhem. By completing the game, however, a fifth difficulty level, Apocalyptic, will be unlocked.

As the difficulty level is increased, enemies hit harder, the chance of special ammo being dropped when they are defeated is reduced, and they have more health. That being said, most players should be able to beat the game on normal difficulty without much of a problem, but it does depend on how you develop War and Strife.

To change the difficulty in Darksiders Genesis, when starting a mission in the Void, press the Y button if you’re using an Xbox One controller, or the Triangle button if you’re using a PS4 controller. You’ll cycle through the difficulties you have available, and you’ll see that it changes the recommended power level at the bottom of the mission select screen. You cannot change the difficulty during a mission.

To increase your power level to make harder difficulties more manageable, learn new skills by buying them from Dis, collect health and wrath upgrades in missions, and discover all enhancements. The Creature Cores you use and how they’re placed also makes a massive difference. Upgrade your characters, and you’ll find yourself having a much easier time in Darksiders Genesis. Playing in online co-op also helps, too.

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