How to Get Trickster Keys in Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis 2 (1)

As you make your way through Darksiders Genesis, you’ll come across doors that require keys to be opened.

These Trickster Doors bar your access to valuable upgrades that you’ll definitely want to acquire in Darksiders Genesis. To open them, you’ll need one or more Trickster Keys.

A small number of Trickster Keys can be bought from Vulgrim fairly cheaply while you’re in the Void. Most trickster Keys, however, need to be found within missions. Try exploring every nook and cranny for them, going off the beaten path now and again. It’s much easier to find them once you’ve acquired the treasure map for a mission though.

With a treasure map for a mission in your possession, when you bring up the map the locations of all collectables will be shown. Look for purple keys to identify the locations of Trickster Keys – there’s at least one in the majority of missions. Most of them are easy to grab once you know where they are, but one or two may prove to be troublesome. Consider returning at a later date when you have more abilities at your disposal if you’re struggling.

Once you have some Trickster Keys, visit a Trickster Door and press the required button to use them. You’ll be glad that you did.

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