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How to Increase Hospital Value in Two Point Hospital

An important part of Two Point Hospital is having a valuable hospital. As such, you’ll frequently be tasked with increasing your hospital value.

There’s no magical, easy way to increase your hospital value in Two Point Hospital, but there are numerous ways you can go about it. Generally, the more successful your hospital is, the more valuable it is. But you can have a busy hospital that successfully cures lots of patients without making much money. That’s not ideal.

To have a high hospital value, you need to be constantly turning over profit, have a healthy bank balance and a big, pleasant hospital.

Here’s a few pointers to help increase your hospital value in Two Point Hospital:

  • The bigger your hospital, the more money it’s worth, simple as that. Expand into empty lots and build more treatment rooms.
  • Ensure it’s a nice environment: place plenty of posters, plants, seats and vending machines in corridors and communal areas.
  • HOWEVER: those things cost money. To increase your hospital value, you need to have a healthy cash flow. Don’t expand if it’s going to leave you in the red.
  • Ensure you don’t have too many staff members. Cut monthly outgoings where you can by not overstaffing. You may have to fire a few bodies if you have too many.
  • Make sure the staff you do have are well trained. Staff add to the value of your hospital by being effective members of your work force. If you have junior or unskilled members of staff, train them up.
  • Increase treatment prices to maximise profits. Don’t push them too high though, or you’ll drive patients away.
  • Improve your equipment. Levelling up your machinery makes it more valuable, so be sure to keep up to date with having the best tech.

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