How to Perform Synergy Attacks in Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis 2 (1)

Synergy Attacks are great for doing massive damage to a screen full of enemies in Darksiders Genesis, but the game does a terrible job of telling you how to perform them.

At the start of Darksiders Genesis, Synergy Attacks are unavailable to you. As soon as you recover Dis, however, they can be bought from her and put into use. Both War and Strife have their own Synergy Attack to be purchased, requiring both souls and Boatman Coins.

Upon purchasing a Synergy Attack for a character, a Synergy gauge will appear under their Wrath gauge. When the Synergy gauge is full, which is achieved by hitting enemies, a Synergy Attack can be performed.

When playing alone, a Synergy Attack will cause you to switch characters, and so it’s the Synergy Attack of the character in reserve that will be performed. As such, their Synergy gauge needs to be full. To perform a Synergy Attack, simply hold the left shoulder button, and instead of tapping the button to switch characters (A on Xbox One, X on PS4), briefly hold it instead. The character in reserve will spring into attack and perform a devastating attack.

During co-op play, the Synergy Attack works a little differently. The Synergy gauge only fills when players are close to each other, and each player controls their own character’s Synergy Attack. So, when the Synergy gauge is full, they can simply hold down the left shoulder button and then briefly hold the switch character button to perform their own Synergy attack without changing characters.

Save your Synergy Attacks for times when the situation is desperate, and you’ll find your Darksiders Genesis adventure a whole lot easier. They really are powerful.

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