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How to Reduce Queues in Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition

Are you playing Two Point Hospital and finding long queues of patients outside of certain rooms? Here’s how to reduce queue times.

As more patients start coming into your hospital, you’ll start to notice more people waiting outside rooms. GP offices tend to be the first to get busy as patients will visit here multiple times, but other diagnosis and treatment rooms can get big queues too. There are a few things to keep in mind when designing your hospital to help reduce queues.

The most obvious option is to build multiple rooms of each type. Sure, that helps – especially with diagnosis rooms. You’ll absolutely need more than one GP’s office, and a handful of General Diagnosis, Cardiology and Psychiatrist rooms will be helpful too, among others. But having more rooms doesn’t necessarily automatically reduce queues.

Patients themselves tend to be the problem. They get bored waiting, you see, so tend to wander off. They’ll find snacks, use the toilet and seek out entertainment – all while in the queue. They won’t simply lose their place; they’ll instead hold everyone else up by increasing the wait times.

You need to ensure that all of those things are in easy reach of the room they’re waiting for. So, have food and drink vending machines, leaflet racks and other forms of entertainment near each room. Also ensure that seating is directly outside of the room a patient is waiting for. And rather than having one big block of toilets in each hospital building, perhaps try having lots of small blocks of toilets for every two or three treatment rooms.

It’s also a given to make sure you have enough staff to serve the rooms patients are queuing for. Ensure the doctors working in your GP rooms are trained in the GP skill, giving them a better chance at successfully diagnosing patients, and training them in stamina and motivation will also help them work faster.

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