How to Reset Valor Rank in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 reset valor rank

Much like the Prestige system of Call of Duty games, the Valor rank system in Destiny 2 can also be reset once it reaches max level.

Valor rank is the point system directly tied to most of the Crucible at this point in Destiny 2. Of the various game modes offered in the Crucible directory, few of them offer Glory rank as well. The nice thing is, however, that earning Glory rank, through the more competitive PvP offerings, also earns you Valor rank.

But once you reach a certain amount of Valor rank (roughly 2,100 points), you can no longer rank up Valor and have reached max rank. What then? How do you reset your Valor rank in Destiny 2? Lucky for you, it’s incredibly simple.


Resetting Your Valor Rank in Destiny 2

Once you’ve hit max Valor rank in Destiny 2, you’ll be notified of that achievement. When you’re ready to reset your Crucible rank, start off by heading to orbit. From there, follow these simple steps to reset your Valor rank completely:

  1. Hover over The Crucible in the Destinations menu and click into it.
  2. Hover over one of the many game modes that offers Valor rank as a reward. Right now, that’s every game mode outside of Survival and Survival: Freelance (there’s also a crown over game modes that reward Glory.
  3. Press and hold the corresponding button that is shown in the window that pops up for Valor reset.

There it is! You’re done. It’s really that easy. Resetting your Valor rank is a super simple process and a good one to remember, especially because to reset your Glory rank or reset your Infamy rank, it’s the same simple process.

Destiny 2 reset valor rank

What Do You Earn From a Valor Rank Reset?

If you’re keen on Valor rank reset rewards, you may be happy or disappointed to learn what they are, depending on what you’re after in Destiny 2. For starters, a full Valor rank reset will earn you a nifty piece of gear (randomly rolled, of course), usually at a fairly comparable light level compared to your max light.

Valor rank resets are also tied to a number of quests and triumphs in the game. So if you’re chasing after a certain triumph or quest, make sure you’re on the proper quest step or aware of what the triumph entails before resetting that Valor rank!

That’s all there is to it. You’ve officially reset your Valor rank in Destiny 2 and are ready to climb the ranks of The Crucible once again. Best of luck, Guardian.