How to Use the Vorpal Blade in Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis 4 (1)

You’ll be doing plenty of hacking and slashing in Darksiders Genesis, but you’ll also need to your brain as well at times.

You unlock the Vorpal Blade fairly early into Darksiders Genesis, and while it can be thrown at enemies to do damage, it’s mostly useful to solve puzzles.

Only War can use the Vorpal Blade, so if you’re playing alone take control of him if you need to make use of it. Also, it needs to be equipped. By default, pressing up on the d-pad equips the Vorpal Blade, but by holding down a direction on the d-pad you can change which direction it is mapped to. Once it has been equipped, it is ready to use at any point.

To use the Vorpal Blade in Darksiders Genesis, simply press the right trigger. War will throw it ahead of him, damaging enemies. It’s more useful if you aim the Vorpal Blade, however, which can be achieved with the right analogue stick. If you want to really use the Vorpal Blade to its full effect, you can lock onto multiple enemies and objects in the environment with the left trigger. Simply aim at something and press the left trigger to lock on. When locked onto multiple enemies or objects, when you throw the Vorpal Blade it will hit them in the order you locked on.

Use the Vorpal Blade to hit switches in the distance, and light up torches. Do do that, aim and lock onto a fire source first, then lock onto something you want to ignite. It’s something you’ll find yourself doing often in the game.

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