Julien Toniutti Shares His Thoughts on TT – Isle on Man 2

TT - Isle of Man 2

Set for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC in March, and Switch a little later, TT – Isle of Man 2 is aiming to be as faithful as can be.

Among the usual improvements you’d expect from a sequel, its physics are said to have been rebuilt from the ground up, and for more precise steering, the gyroscopic effect is now completely integrated. Add on top of that redesigned brakes and shock absorbers, and the addition of speed wobbles to alert riders that they might be about to fall, and you have a game that should simulate riding a motorcycle like never before.

We were impressed by the original TT – Isle of Man when it released in 2018, even though there wasn’t a great deal to it. It was exhilarating and exciting, just what a motorcycling game should be. And for that reason we’re keen to see how TT – Isle of Man 2 improves on its predecessor.

Julien Toniutti, who currently holds the French circuit record for the Isle of Man TT, will be returning to the sport this year after spending 2019 recovering from an accident the Dakar rally, and ahead of TT – Isle of Man 2‘s launch he’s been sharing his opinion on the game. You can give the interview a watch below and witness for yourself how authentic he feels the game is and how it helps him. You can also see some snippets of the game in action. So, give it a watch, and then perhaps keep TT – Isle of Man 2 on your radar.