Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind DLC is Now Available on Xbox One

Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind is now available on Xbox One, following the release of the entire series on Microsoft’s platform earlier this month.

You might remember that the entire remastered Kingdom Hearts back catalogue dropped onto Xbox One last week, which is a big deal for a franchise that spent almost two decades pretty much exclusive to PlayStation consoles.

So now, Xbox users are finally completely up-to-date with Sora and pals, thanks to the launch of the latest chapter in the Kingdom Hearts III saga: Re Mind.

And that’s not the only Kingdom Hearts-related good news to come this week, as Kindgom Hearts III is also now available with the Xbox Game Pass, so those with a subscription can play through the game right now before deciding whether to pick up the Re Mind DLC.

Re Mind brings new boss battles and gameplay challenges, new characters and returning old favourites, as well as new revelations and an additional secret episode.

Kingdom Hearts III and the Re Mind DLC are available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Head over to the official website for more information.

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