Knightin’+ Offers Zelda-like Dungeons for Just a Few Quid

If you enjoy the puzzles and challenges that classic Zelda dungeons have offered over the years, Muzt Die Studios’ Knightin’+ offers up a similar experience – for a bargain basement price.

Despite being available on PC since last summer, Knightin’+ has just released on consoles thanks to publisher Ratalaika Games. Instantly, you’ll be reminded of the likes of A Link to the Past as you make your way through dungeon rooms, killing foes and solving puzzles as you go.

There’s a hint of The Binding of Isaac here too, but rest assured it’s no Rogue-like; the upgrades you collect on your journey are yours to keep, and frequent save points ensure you never lose too much progress.


Like The Legend of Zelda series, as you progress through Knightin+‘s dungeons you’ll gain more health and unlock new weapons. The types of foes you come up against also progressively get more difficult. Initially, you’ll be killing everything with one slash of your sword, but before long you’ll have to carefully place multiple attacks wile also dodging incoming projectiles. There’s more than a few bullet hell moments here.

The puzzles in Knightin‘+, while repetitive, are rather enjoyable and require a bit of brainwork to solve. Often, to unlock a chest or open up a new path way you’ll have to solve a block-pushing puzzle, or illuminate the correct sequence of blocks – the clue for which may be elsewhere in the dungeon.

The best part of Knightin’+ though? It’s available for £5.99/$5.99 or less, depending on your format of choice. For that, you get a few hours worth of an engaging adventure that’ll evoke pleasant memories of early Zelda games. It’s well worth your pocket change.