Later Daters Reminds Us That Old People Need Lovin’ Too

Your typical dating simulator contains young, attractive people. Occasionally pigeons. A dating simulator rarely contains exclusively OAPs.

Bloom Digital Media intends to change all that with the release of Later Daters; a game it describes as a “sexy senior dating sim” set in the walls of Ye Olde Retirement Community.

Later Daters aims to remind us that just because people get older, doesn’t mean they lose their desires. Playing out like a visual novel, there are eight residents of Ye Olde to date, each with their own story to explore.


You can customise the character you play as, choosing their gender preferences, their romance history, and even their pet (cat, dog or, uh, robot).

It’s set to be released episodically, with the first three episodes coming in April, and a second series later in the year.

Give the trailer a watch:

It’s safe to say Later Daters has its tongue firmly in its cheek, but that doesn’t stop it being filled with heart. It’s such a hilarious concept but one that I cannot help but love. The first instalment of Later Daters is coming to PC and Switch on 16th April if you fancy giving some wrinklies a bit of action.