Microsoft Reveals More Details About Xbox Series X

xbox series x 002

In a post titled ‘What You Can Expect From the Next Generation of Gaming’, Microsoft has offered us a bit more information about its upcoming Xbox Series X.

Promising that more information will be shared as we “head towards E3”, the post on Xbox Wire repeats some of the things we already knew. The Xbox Series X is going to sport 12 teraflops of power, for example; it will be compatible with everything you can currently play on Xbox One; it’ll have a next-generation SSD drive; and it’s also going to have hardware accelerated DirectX ray-tracing as well as VRS. But there are some new revelations to be found within its text.

While the Xbox One has a suspend and resume function, it’s sketchy at best. Xbox Series X, however, will have a new Quick Resume feature that will let you suspend multiple games at one time. So, if you get an invite to play Overwatch while you’re halfway through a lengthy endurance race in Forza Horizon 4, you should be able to jump from one title to the other and then return to Forza when you’re done. If it works, it’ll be great. We will see.


Also new is DLI, or Dynamic Latency Input, which leverages a high bandwidth, proprietary wireless communication protocol to optimise latency. Basically, the Xbox Wireless Controller will feel more responsive and precise than ever before thanks to DLI. The real nuggets of information found within the Xbox Wire post are those concerning software, though.

With titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 arriving before Xbox Series X launches, you might be hesitant to purchase it. After all, you don’t want to have to buy it on two consoles, do you? The good news is, Microsoft is making what it calls its ‘Smart Delivery’ technology available to all developers and publishers. This means that, if they wish, they can release on Xbox One and then Xbox Series X later on. You, however, will only have to buy the game once, and the correct assets will be downloaded on whichever format you play on. First party titles such as Halo Infinite will, of course, also use this technology.

What’s going to be big draw for many, however, is that Microsoft has confirmed that first party games such as Halo Infinite will continue to be launched into Xbox Game Pass on day one. That means if you buy an Xbox Series X at launch and are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you’ll have access to first party launch titles without having to spend an additional penny. That’s pretty neat, and remember, there are currently 15 Xbox Game Studios developing content.

Want more information about Xbox Series X? You can read the post in full over at Xbox Wire, or you can check out our ‘Everything You Need to Know About the Next-Gen Xbox Series X‘ article. Set to launch this winter, we can’t wait to get our hands on one.