My Hero One’s Justice 2 Game Modes are Revealed, and More Characters

My Hero One's Justice 2 2 (1)

Now less than a month away from launch, more details have emerged about Bandai Namco’s upcoming brawler My Hero One’s Justice 2.

Set for release on PS4, Xbox One Switch and PC on March 13th, My Hero One’s Justice 2 is to feature three game modes that will each allow for a unique experience.

In Arcade mode, for example, players will be able to jump into pre-set battles with their favourite characters and trigger exclusive dialogues. Those who want more narrative, however, can jump into Story mode, which will be faithful to the original anime. Story mode is playable from both Hero and Villain perspectives as well, and features spectacular cinematics that are sure to entertain fans. Rounding out the package is Mission mode, which allows players to manage their own Hero Offices. Earning money and fame by completing missions is the aim, and it enables players to expand their team by recruiting the characters they know and love.


In addition to My Hero One’s Justice 2‘s game modes being revealed, four more characters have also been announced. Close-range specialist Kendo Rappa is to be playable, along with the mysterious fog producing Camie Utsushimi and the flesh manipulating Seiji Shishikura. You’ll also be able to take control of Gang Orca, channelling the power of the Killer Whale to obliterate your opponents.

Check out the new trailer for My Hero One’s Justice 2 below to further whet your appetite for it. Then maybe preorder it via Amazon to receive some extra goodies.