PGS: Berlin PUBG Event Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

PUBG 1-min

PUBG Corporation has cancelled a Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Global Series esports event in Berlin due to growing concerns over the Coronavirus.

The World Health Organization has recently labeled the coronavirus as a “global health emergency”, so the cancellation of the event, which was due to be held in April, seemed necessary in order to protect players, fans and all other members of the PUBG team.

Dates and times of the various online qualifiers may also be subject to change, but PUBG corporation promises “the plan to host four PUBG global esports events in 2020 remains unchanged, and we are actively exploring options for when a replacement event can be held”.


This isn’t the only impact that the coronavirus has had on the gaming industry, just last week we reported that The Outer Worlds on Switch would be delayed due to the closure of the Virtuos studio offices.

More updates should be coming in the near future about the status of PGS: Berlin, once those involved have a better understanding of the situation. In the meantime, we hope that everyone at PUBG Corp remains in good health and we can get all these exciting global gaming events back on track as soon as possible.