Shenmue III ‘Story Quest Pack’ to Launch February 18

Shenmue III

Just when you thought you might be done with Shenmue III, more DLC comes along.

Story Quest Pack is the second piece of DLC for Shenmue III, and it lands on February 18th for both PS4 and PC. It will cost £4.99/$5.99 on its own, and is included in the game’s Complete DLC Collection, which sets you back £11.99/$14.99.

Those who pick up Shenmue III‘s Story Quest Pack will be able to experience a new chapter in the saga in which Ryo crosses paths with Zhang Shugin and gets caught up in yet another escapade. To access the content, players must have at least reached Niaowu, or have save data on which the game has been cleared.

If you’re yet to take the plunge and experience Shenmue III, read our review of the game to find out what it’s all about. It’s available on PC via the Epic Store, and can be bought physically and digitally on PS4.