Song of Horror Episode 4: The Last Concert is Just Asking for Trouble

Poking around an ancient monastery? What could possibly go wrong?

I can’t imagine where Song of Horror episode five is going to send you, because episode four: The Last Concert seems to have maxed out the game’s ‘bad place to be’ factor.

Roaming around a spooky house, an abandoned antiques shop and university were scary enough, but at least they were grounded in reason. This fourth episode (which was teased at the end of episode three) sends you into an abandoned monastery which, if that wasn’t creepy enough, was the site of a concert which killed all the attendees.


Honestly, is it that much of an ask that the game’s cast bugger off to a desert island and spend the rest of their lives away from spooky buildings?

Still, that wouldn’t make for much of a game. Protocol Games reckons it’ll take you eight hours to finish Song of Horror episode 4, and while that’s a bit of an over-estimation, it’s still the longest episode so far. It actually seemed a little more forgiving than previous episodes –  though that won’t stop you from worrying that the game is going to rain hell down on you. That’s probably a good thing since Song of Horror‘s permadeath mechanic means you have to restart the episode if all your characters (or one character in particular) die.

As with previous episodes, The Last Concert throws in a couple of new mechanics, including a foe that requires more than just button mashing to dispatch.

Roaming a location which clearly hasn’t been used for years (and which has some suspect toilet facilities) adds to the fear factor; it’s not as familiar as previous locations, but you’ll be internally screaming at your characters to get the hell out of there. They do, at least, have a reason to be there, making them a cut above the usual idiots who blunder into nightmare scenarios. Even though you just know you’re going to run into ghost monks.

I was glad to see this episode fill in some lore – the story’s come a long way since episode 1’s cursed music box and has managed to avoid going full Lovecraft. That said, unless you’ve managed to preserve all your characters throughout the game so far, I wouldn’t count on it delivering a happy ending.

Song of Horror Episode 4: The Last Concert offers just as many scares as previous episodes and is now available on Steam. You’ll have to have completed previous episodes to play it – they’re priced £6.99 individually, or you can buy the season pass for £18.99.