Sonic is Now a Rubber Duck And He’s Too Adorable For Words

The same can't be said for that Last of Us clicker though...

I’m not sure what a duck crossed with a hedgehog would be called.

Duckhog? Hedguck? Either way, Sonic has become one thanks to Numskull’s second wave of TUBBZ. If you’re unfamiliar, TUBBZ is a series of figures that sees videogame characters turned into rubber ducks. Numskull’s more creative answer to Funko POP! if you like. And infinitely more adorable.

Or more terrifying, in the case of that The Last of Us clicker. Yikes.


Naturally, the blueness of Sonic the Duckhog caught our eye first, but wave two of TUBBZ covers a wide range of titles and franchises. Along with Sonic, there’s DOOM Eternal, Resident Evil, Street Fighter and The Last of Us. Existing ranges cover Crash Bandicoot, Skyrim, Borderlands 3, Spyro, Fallout and Destiny. Going beyond videogames, there’s also Lord of the Rings, Ghostbusters and DC ranges.

Here’s a better look at some of the new ranges coming this year.

First up, The Last of Us. Joel, Ellie and Tess are beyond cute, but that duck-clicker is going to give us serious nightmares:

E. Honda and Guile are reppin’ it for Street Fighter. More ducks need Guile hair:

Duck-Redfields, Duck-Jill Valentine and Duck-Leon Kennedy mean business:

Honestly, we have some questions about duck-Sonic’s anatomy. A beak and a nose? And where the heck have his fingers come from? We still love him though:

These make up the first of many new sets to be released in 2020. They’ll be available soon in a number of stores – where last year’s series is already available. They retail for £12.99/$12.99. Give ’em all a glance in the video below.