Spooky 3D Action-Adventure Pumpkin Jack Coming in Late 2020

Described as MediEvil meets Jak and Daxter, Headup Games announces the ghostly 3D action-adventure Pumpkin Jack is launching later this year.

Creeping onto PC and consoles in quarter four of 2020, Pumpkin Jack puts you in the role of the titular haunted pumpkin man, who must fight and platform his way across an eerie landscape to destroy the forces of good in the name of all that is evil!

We haven’t been given a lot of details about the game, but a new announcement trailer shows off Pumpkin Jack’s gameplay and art style. The graphics are quite cartoony, which brings across that fun and light-hearted tone while still featuring all manner of spooks, ghoulies and skellingtons.


Basically, if Halloween is your favourite holiday, this might be the game for you.

Don’t forget to check out the announcement trailer below, or head over to Pumpkin Jack‘s official website or Steam Store page for more information.