Untitled Goose Game: How to Make the Groundskeeper Wear His Sun Hat

Untitled Goose Game sun hat

One of the first challenges you come across in Untitled Goose Game is to make the groundskeeper wear his sun hat. Here’s how to do it.

In Untitled Goose Game, you’re given control of a mischievous goose. And while the game gives you a list of objectives to complete, you can tackle them however you like; there’s no right or wrong way to do anything in the game. That’s the joy of it. The first area you come across is the garden, where a groundskeeper is trying to go about his business. One of the tasks asks you to make the groundskeeper wear his sun hat.

When you first meet him, the groundskeeper in Untitled Goose Game is wearing a flat cap. At the back of the garden, hung up on the shed’s door, is a sun hat. It’s too high for the goose to reach, so you can’t do anything with it. But you can steal the flat cap off the groundskeeper’s head.


Head to the flower patch, where a red flower is growing, and grab it. Don’t run off with it; you want the groundskeeper to take it off you. He’ll head back to the flower patch and replant it. As he does so, he bends down low enough to grab his hat. You’ll need to act fast, as he’ll instantly chase you to get it back.

With his hat, you need to run far enough away that he won’t chase you. That means heading out of the garden, all the way down the screen and across the river. Simply dropping it in the water isn’t enough; the groundskeeper will pick it up and shake it dry! Once you’ve got to the other side of the river, the groundskeeper will stop chasing you. He’ll go back to the garden and instead put on his sun hat. Mission complete!