Untitled Goose Game: How to Steal the Groundskeeper’s Keys

Wondering how to steal the groundskeeper’s keys in Untitled Goose Game? Here’s everything you need to know.

The first set of tasks to complete in Untitled Goose Game see you parading through a garden, aggravating a groundskeeper. He’s not so keen on a goose wrecking his garden, y’see. But hey ho, it’s good fun, so that pesky goose is going to keep doing it regardless. One of those tasks is to steal the groundskeeper’s keys: you’ll see them dangling from his belt. But how to get them?

Well, whenever the groundskeeper bends down or kneels, it puts the keys at the perfect height for the goose to grab. The problem is, when the groundskeeper is going about his normal business, he’ll shoo the goose away whenever you try and get close. So you need to get him distracted.


It took me a few attempts, but I managed to steal the groundskeeper’s keys in Untitled Goose Game by getting him to turn off the tap. Just outside of the garden is a tap that operates a sprinkler. As soon as the sprinkler comes on, the groundskeeper runs to the tap to turn it off again. I turned on the tap, and waited in position for the groundskeeper to come turn it off, then quickly grabbed them.

You’ll have to be very quick as you only have a split-second window in which to take the keys. If you fail, keep trying. And remember, there’s no hard and fast rules for anything in Untitled Goose Game; you can approach a task however you see fit. But getting the groundskeeper to pick something up, turn off the tap or otherwise bend down is a sure-fire way to get his keys. Just be ready to run if you want to keep hold of them!