Weapon Assist in Zombie Army 4: Dead War Explained

Zombie Army 4: Dead War 2

New to Zombie Army 4: Dead War is Weapon Assist, a feature that lets you decimate zombies more effectively.

There are three types of Weapon Assist in Zombie Army 4: Dead War:

  • All rifles allow you to make use of Overkill Weapon Assist, which grants one shot more damage and greater penetration.
  • Secondary weapons such as shotguns and machine guns allow you to make use of Weapon Focus Weapon Assist, which removes recoil and bullet spread for a limited number of rounds.
  • Brain Buster Weapon Assist is native to pistols. It allows you to mark up to three enemies by moving your reticle over them. Then, when you press the right trigger, you automatically headshot them.

To activate Weapon Assist for each weapon type, you first need to get ten kills with that weapon. You’ll then notice that the Weapon Assist gauge at the bottom of the screen lights up. If you then press the right shoulder button while aiming down the sights, Weapon Assist will be activated, slowing down time for a short while. Note that some characters require less kills to activate certain Weapon Assist abilities.


Make effective use of Weapon Assist and you’ll find yourself having a much easier time in Zombie Army 4: Dead War.