Where to Find Bats in Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Wondering where to find bats in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot? Here’s everything you need to know.

Occasionally in Mighty Quest, you’ll need to head towards a specific boss or enemy in order to complete a challenge. It isn’t always clear where that enemy is going to be. Thankfully, bats appear pretty regularly.

Bats are some of the easiest enemies to fight against in Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. They’re easy to spot too; big, black creatures with large flapping wings. They look a lot like… well, bats, actually.


The best place to find bats in Mighty Quest is in Act 3. You’ll find them on most levels, but the most lucrative seems to be Act 3, Level 4 where you can expect to find about 25 bats. You’ll also find some in Act 9, but since Act 9 castles cost more energy to complete than Act 3, we’d recommend farming through Act 3 instead.

Have fun hunting bats – and watch out for their attacks. They’re not particularly strong, but they will target you with a sonar beam that does a small amount of damage and slows you down temporarily.